EU Referendum at The Archer

For the last few weeks students of the Archer Academy have been learning about the EU Referendum in their Geography lessons. Today there were quite a few heated debates and plenty of campaigning as Archers students got to vote in their own EU Referendum. Here are some of the thoughts of our students.



Today around the UK, everyone who is able, will vote whether they want the UK to stay in the European Union, which consists of 28 countries. At our school we had a school referendum and I didn’t vote because I’m not sure whether we should stay or leave. My point is there are good points and bad points, also I am not biased when it comes to voting, unless it involves England and football.

Nik C Year 7


The day is finally here, the big decision. Stay or Leave.

Tighten our borders and scream adieu or play it safe and keep the easy passage over the European Seas.

You only have one vote. We might not be able to come back so think wisely and don’t make the wrong decision.

Oisin F  Year 8

EU Referendum

I think that we should leave as we could control the refugee crisis as we will have control over our boarders as well as we will also have betters trade with international countries which will boost our economy

Massimo S  Year 8

Fun with France and Friends

At school today we have been holding an election on whether to leave or stay the EU. There have been many heated debates within the school on the matter. Posters have also been put up in order to convince undecided voters. So far the votes have been quite split between the two sides. Planes have also been disrupting our precious learning time by flying low with vote remain signs dragging behind them.

Michael M Year 8

EU Referendum

The EU referendum was today. I would like to remain in the EU because all the following things are good like peace, democracy, jobs, equal pay and non-discrimination. Also, the EU supports a lot of disabilities.

Avisha P Year 8

The EU Referendum

The referendum is a tricky vote, you need to decide if you want to stay in the EU or leave the EU.

There’s the choices leave the EU or stay in the EU. There are advantages and disadvantages to leaving or staying. Leaving the EU means less jobs but people might be more free. Staying in the EU means better economy but less control over our laws.

By Alie H year 8

Stay or Leave

Today is the big day. This is the day that the people of Britain decide whether they shall obey to the rules and stay within the safety of the EU or break free and introduce their own rules on how to play the game. Most people have stated that they’d rather remain a member of the EU as it is well known what will happen if we stay but up till now it’s a mystery if we leave. We await the results.

Szofia P Year 7












Football Fans At The Archer


Today at the Archer Academy over 300 excited students and plenty of enthusiastic staff members descended on the school’s sports hall and dining room to watch England Vs Wales. The students paid £2 per ticket, with the proceeds going towards the development of the school’s recreation facilities.

Here’s what our bloggers had to say about the match:

England finally won!

England and Wales started to play at 2:15pm and England actually won 2:1! Vardy scored at 72 minutes and Sturridge scored at 92 minutes. However, Gareth Bale scored at 30 minutes for Wales. It was a tough game but England managed to pull themselves together and won for England, it was unbelievable! Sturridge and Vardy were the ones to bring us to victory!!

Nik C  Year 7

England’s late winning goal against Wales Euro 2016.  

England beat Wales before playing Slovakia in the next group match. Wales scored first with Gareth Bale scoring with a 28 yard free kick and it went bottom right. Then Jamie Vardy scored and Daniel Sturridge scored the late winner for England, that means we beat Wales.

England beat Wales 2-1 and I am happy that England beat Wales 2-1.

Amar U  Year 8

England Vs Wales 2016

Bale scored before half time in about the 34th minute and England fans were gutted! However, after half time Jamie Vardy scored in about the 67th minute and England fans were screaming with excitement and then we scored again and it hit full time!

Toby M Year 7


Today England played Wales in Euro 2016. Wales scored the first goal when they had a penalty, so then the score was 1-0 to Wales.

Avisha P  Year 8

Avisha had to leave our blogging session early but Mr Davies might enjoy this article!



England                                                         2 – 1                                                                   Wales

This is the score and the goals were scored by Gareth Bale first (for Wales) and then for England, Jamie Vardy brought it back making it 1:1. However, Daniel Sturridge in extra time.

James D  Year 8

English Trump Wales in Euro 2016!

England managed to pull through with a 2-1 victory scoring in the precious few moments remaining.

Sturridge smashed the ball to the net and smashed their way to victory. The Welsh defense held up for the majority of time before half time.

It was tight and the victory was undecided for most of the match but ultimately England pulled through in Euro 2016.

However, the Welsh held on to the last and Bale scored the opening goal giving the English the pressure they needed to up their game.

Oisin F Year 8


England Beat Wales in a thrilling match!

Today England played against their biggest rivals in the group stages Wales. There was a lot riding on the English team after their draw with Russia.

It looked like Wales were going to win after Bale scored a free kick, kicking England into the dirt in the 42nd minute. Then after the first half Vardy scores an amazing goal after he comes off the bench in the 56th minute.

Suddenly, in the 92nd minute Sturridge scored a banger of a goal. Winning the match for England 2-1! A well deserved win for England and I hope we’ll see more performances like this in the upcoming matches

Fin C  Year 8


We won!!!! Who would’ve thought that we, England, would actually win against the Welsh 2-1, it was unbelievable! Vardy and Sturridge, the ones that brought us are glory, 72 and 92 – the moments we knew we were champions.

Kyrell  Year 7

Archer Blog: England Vs Wales

Today was the amazing and tense football match, Wales vs England. England were on fire at the beginning, but soon Wales decided to go rouge and score a goal. Wales smashed the sweaty ball into the huge goal and were dyng of happiness, after a while England were badly hit and went to the frightening goal with the ball, they  scored, the score was 1-1 and then in extra time England scored the last goal for their country and the England fans were pounding with excitement!!!

By Alie H  Year 8

Victory at Last!

Today we have been the witnesses of a great match between England and Wales soon resulting with 2-1 for the England team. However, it has to be admitted that there wasn’t much hope after Wales scored their first goal right before half-time. Fortunately, due to determination, England finally had 2 magnificent goals from Vardy and later on Sturridge. This is the proof that even when hope seems out of reach, it’s actually at the fingertips. Let’s hope England keeps up with the pace.

Szofia Year 7

Amazing Afternoon!

Today we had an amazing afternoon watching Euro 2016,  England vs Wales and missed our last period which was good. We had to pay  £2  but it was worth it, we were so well behaved and we could be snacks like crisps, it was amazing.

Massimo Year 8



Mad Misrule Breaks Out in Marseille

An opinion piece…

On the morning of the 11th of June, Russian fans attacked England supporters with deadly weapons ahead of their opening game. French riot police were deployed to control the violence.

At 20:00 local time the match between the two teams kicked off.

At the very end, the Russian supporters started ripping down English flags in fits of anger whilst hitting people over the head with glass bottles, leaving many injured.

Jamie Vardy’s wife was tear gassed by the stadium’s security.

Also, reports have come through that a Russian man had smuggled fireworks past security and set them off in order to distract the England national team.

Sana E 7IC

Athletics At Allianz

Today, on the 16th of June, our top athletes are on their way to represent the Archer Academy at Allianz Park. It is a very exciting event for the dedicated sportsmen and women. They have been preparing all week, training intensely on a Monday afternoon.  We are all wishing them the best in both the field event and the track races. They have left today at 3:15pm just missing out on the final minutes of the England vs. Wales football match, which you can also read about on our blog.

They have all been working so hard. We are all hoping that their talents will get our school’s sports reputation far, as we compete against the schools of Barnet. We can definitely say that all the staff and students are proud of them. I will be writing about their results shortly.

Andreea C

Introducing Our New Bloggers

Welcome to the re-launch of The Archer Arrow Student Blog!

This term our bloggers will be writing about a wide variety of topics and giving readers the latest scoop on all the events and activities at The Archer Academy as well as sneak peaks of our revamped Beaumont Close building! In addition to this we will be covering a range of topics from video games to our very own ‘Student Life Hacks’.

Meet Our Bloggers


Age: 12

Form: 7WA

House: Ignatius

Likes: Football, sports, video games

Dislikes: Reading – but I would like to enjoy this more, any recommendations for a book like ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ welcome!

Topics I will be writing about: Football, video games, films


Age: 13

Form: 8SH

House: Lovelace

Likes: Art, Dance, drama, Instagram, YouTube

Dislikes: Algebra, Mondays, science

Topics I will write about: Recent events happening in school and Student Life Hacks


Age: 13

Form: 8SH

House: Lovelace

Likes: The Weekend

Dislikes: Mondays

Topics I will be writing about: Jokes!


Form: 8CFO

Age: 13

House: Lovelace

Likes: Cycling, food, playing video games and cars

Dislikes: Spiders, dogs, cats and rain

Topics I’ll write about: Events happening in school.


Form: 8GM

Age: 13

House: Ignatius

Likes: Surfing and playing video games

Dislikes: Algebra and Mondays (unless it’s a bank holiday!)

Topics I’ll write about: Gaming and Surfing


Age: 12

Form: 8CFO

House: Lovelace

Likes: I like football teams that I like and lots of sports.

Dislikes: Reading – but I would really like to find a book I enjoy, please make recommendations!

Topics I will writing about: football and viedo games such as Fifa 16 full game.


Age: 13

Form: 8DP

House: Seacole

Likes: Playing sports and eating KFC

Dislikes: Soup

Topics I will be writing about: Gaming and Lamborghinis


Age: 13

Form: 8CFO

House: Lovelace

Likes: Chelsea FC, LA Lakers, sport, drama, dance

Dislikes: Tottenham FC, algebra, physics

Topics I will write about: Sports events and teams!


Age: 13

Form: 8GM

House: Ignatius

Likes: Sport

Dislikes: Science

Topics I’ll write about: Athletics, gaming and trampolining


Age: 11

Form: 7DB

House: Ignatius.

Likes: Play video games with friends, cook with family at home.

Dislikes: Doing a lot of different sports, going on a social media sites.

Topics I’ll be writing about: Developments at Beaumont Close


Age: 13

Form: 8DP

House: Seacole

Likes: Movies, Acting, Weekends

Dislikes: People misspronouncing my name (O-sh-ee-n)!

Topics I will be writing about: Upcoming movies & games.


Age: 12

Form: 7IC

House: Lovelace

Likes: I’m very fond of reading and can get engaged in a book for hours. Another thing I enjoy doing is making origami figurines. I also like baking but I make everywhere very messy. I’m obsessed with big cats, wolves, foxes, huskies and German Shepherds. I am also very energetic and love swimming. I cannot live without my earphones.

Dislikes: I have a very big fear of spiders and hate drawing.

Topic I’ll be writing about: I will be writing about Student Life Hacks, Origami figures and artists’ new songs


Age: 12

Form: 8DP

House: Seacole

Likes: Horses (I’m an Equestrian), chocolate, video games, sleep, movies, weekends and ranting.

Dislikes: Spiders, dark chocolate, mornings, annoying people, books and cats.

Topics I’ll be writing about: Sports, movies, Life hacks and How-to.


Form: 7MD

House: Lovelace

Hobbies: Watching YouTube (pewdiepie), cooking, swimming, art and all kinds of stuff

Topics I’ll write/vlog about: DIY and Life Hacks

Loves: Puppies!


Tower Of London

Today I will tell you about the trip to the Tower Of London. Last half-term we went on a humanities trip to The Tower of London.

We were excited to see The Bloody Tower, The White Tower and The Crown Jewels. We have studied these in our history lessons. We were all enjoying and exploring the castle inhabited and built by William the Conqueror.

We learned a lot about the why The Tower of London is one of England’s most historic sights.

tol2 tol

We were also interested in the mysteries that lurked behind the closed doors. We went on a tour with a lady dressed in costume, wearing traditional clothes from 1066. We dramatically acted out the battle against the Anglo-Saxons with King Harold II and fought against, William Duke of Normandy with the Norman-French army. I still remember the brutal battle between members of 7GM!

Next, we did a tour of the Tower. I loved seeing the royal 4 poster bed and the king’s private praying room.

Interestingly, the king kept many wild animals for example: Giraffes, Lions, Monkeys and surprisingly a Polar Bear. His most adored animal was the raven, he gave them crackers covered in the blood of an animal.  Sometimes he used the blood of people they tortured!

Talking about torture, we saw some petrifying torture chambers where some horrible secrets were discovered. We really enjoyed the trip!

Rares (Y7)

Team of the Season 2014/15

What a season!  Goals, tackles, clashes, heartbreak and if you’re lucky…trophies!

As the 2014/15 season of The Premier League, the most exciting league in the world, comes to an end let’s look at the players that have made this season so fantastic.

TOS pic2

  1. David De Gea – This young keeper may not have kept the most clean sheets, but his saves have won his team many important games and points. The platform Man Utd needed to get back into The Champions’ League.
  2. Branislav Ivanovic – He’s scored many important goals for Chelsea. For a big guy he does lots of running up and down the wing. He has also played every Premiership game for Chelsea this year.
  3. John Terry- Captain Fantastic! He’s had possibly his best ever season (performance wise) for Chelsea. He’s played in every league game this year and scored vital goals.
  4. Per Mertesacker- He defended well all season and was part of the reason Arsenal went on a 10 game unbeaten run. He also secured their place in the top 4.
  5. Aleksandar Kolarov- Although his form has been hit-and-miss this season, as with the whole of the Man City team, he still contributes a lot to the team which has the second best goal-difference in the league.
  6. Cesc Fabregas- Top player, with the top assists in the league. Trailed off as the season progressed, but performed brilliantly to give Chelsea their lead at the top.
  7. Marouane Fellani- Might not have the best skills in the league, but he can be relied on to do a job. Man Utd’s tactics of ‘kick it up to the big man’ have worked well, though might not be the most entertaining. Definitely needs a haircut!
  8. Philippe Coutinho- Don’t let Liverpool’s slump fool you, this guy is an amazing player! Always shows finesse and was fundamental to Liverpool’s 19 game undefeated run.
  9. Alexis Sanchez- Easily the best new signing this year. Sanchez has terrified defenders and scored some brilliant goals for Arsenal.
  10. Sergio Aguero- The league’s top scorer, how could anyone even think of leaving him out? Even with an injury he has performed outstandingly well this year. He is always scoring and always doing well for the team.
  11. Eden Hazard- What more is there to say about this boy? The best player in the league and rightly so. His pace, his skill, his determination! He puts fear into defenders and essentially won the league single handed for Chelsea.

Manager of the Season: Alan Pardew

This may be a shock to most but, then again, so was Crystal Palace’s performance in the second half of this season.

When Pardew arrived in January, Crystal Palace had won only three of their last 20 games. The club was deep in the relegation zone, almost certain to go down, and the dressing room was in disarray. Fast forward to end of the season and Palace have won 9 of the last 17 games since Pardew took over. They sit comfortably at 12th in the table, having beaten some big teams along the way, they are very much a club on the up.


  1. Cesar Azplilcueta – Part of the league winning defence and a right-footed left back! Unlucky not to make the team
  2. Santi Cazorla – Pulling the string in Arsenal’s midfield all season. Fundamental to their success.
  3. Steven Jovetic – Manchester City have struggled this season, but Jovetic has been a player that they could rely on.
  4. Robin Van Persie – Has been injured a lot this season, still managed to score 10 important goals for Manchester United. Who would you include in your team of the season? Leave comments below or email your full team to   Amar (Y7)

Fashion and Interior Design Blog By Megan and Evie (Year 7)

This is our second fashion and interior design blog

We hope you enjoy:


Rarity is stylish and very fashionable. She represents the element of generosity in the elements of harmony.

She is always clean and ready for the cat walk.  She is a fashion designer and owns her own shop in Ponyville. Here’s a look created by us inspired by her.

trainers Top   fitted jeans

We decided on this purple top to represent Rarity’s vibrant hair colour and these fitted light denim jeans, to match her cutie mark.

Items of the week!

We chose this blue skater skirt because we thought it portrayed a spring vibe.

We chose this black hoodie because it was our last farewell to winter before we converted completely to spring fashions.


Boys:                             Girls:                                                    Shop of the week: Newlook

hoodie       skirt

Creating the Perfect Revision Space


Creating the perfect revision space is essential for many, when revising for important exams or tests. It will help your mind focus when you are comfortable but in a formal setting. For example, sitting at a desk or table rather than lying on your bed will help your brain know that it’s time to learn.

Time table

Top tip: Try to keep your revision books and notes together so it’s easier for you access and won’t get lost.

-Keep a revision timetable to help you manage all of your work.

-Try as hard as you can to keep to your timetable, but make sure you give yourself a realistic schedule.

-Allow yourself regular breaks to have a drink and a snack, this will help you concentrate.

Keep your space clean and tidy so your full concentration is on the revision.

Make sure you know your individual learning style, different people learn different ways. Some people like to use mind maps and post it notes whereas other speak the information out loud, your learning style is completely unique to you.

Sophie (Y8) and Yolanda (Y8)